Abrasive Blasting and Metal Fabrication
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Timber Truss Plates

Order custom steel truss and gusset plates for wood timber framing joinery.  1/4″ steel plate fabricated to your specific timber frame structure.  Steel can be finished out in a variety of ways from a sleek finish, painted or patina or a rustic historic look. Hand welded post and beam brackets are also one of our many products for timber framers, builders, architects, and DIY’ers.  To add a more custom feature, use our CNC Plasma capabilities to add your logo, brand, or design to the faces of your truss plates.  If you do not have dimensions and drawings, you can cut out cardboard templates and drop them in the mail to us.  We will create your custom plates using state of the art CAD software and produce the plates for your project.  You can upload your files on the Contact Us form or just give us a call.